Vegas Social

Vegas Social

Las Vegas has a whole NEW reality. Vegas Social. Follow the elite socialites through the drama filled streets in the city of sin.

Vegas Social
  • Vegas Social Series

    1 season

    Las Vegas. City of sin. Now imagine all of that sin bottled up into explosive season.
    Vegas is filled with fast cars, high rollers, sexy women, nightlife. That’s what Vegas is all about.

  • Vegas Social - EP 1 ENVY

    Who can be trusted on the rise to take over the city of sin.

  • Vegas Social - EP 2 LUST

    RJ, A young superstar lusting, not loving.

  • Vegas Social - EP 3 WRATH

    Tee is a up and coming superstar. Will the wrath of fame keep her on track to super stardom?

  • Vegas Social - EP 4 PRIDE

    With the world at his finger tips, B Aktiv is the star of his Vegas show. Will his pride effect the outcome of his huge event?

  • Vegas Social - EP 5 GREED

    With life in the palms of her hands, Can she convince her friends to come support her journey?