Side Chick Series

Side Chick Series

2 Seasons

Side Chick is a drama that follows the emotional millennial roller coaster of Lynn's "Gabrielle Briana" affection towards James "Mike Merrill" who is engaged to an honest, caring woman named Kia "Chloe Stafford". Unlike some females, Lynn doesn't fit the role of "the other woman" but she is misled and deceived into dating James, who loves his fiancé but is also intrigued by Lynn. As their emotions grow fonder, conflict unfolds, morals are questioned and love is tainted. Ultimately, Lynn, James, and Kia are forced to examine what love truly means.

Side Chick Series
  • Side Chick S2 EP 1 - The Gut Speaks

    Episode 1

    James attempts to get on Kia's good side and to put everything behind them. Lynn is uneasy about her date with Ethan. Diamond has an exciting surprise waiting for her.

  • Side Chick S2 EP 2 - Questions

    Episode 2

    Diamond's ecstatic about her boyfriend being home. However, his actions raise suspicion. Kia, still in a rocky place invites her girlfriends over for comfort and advice.

  • Side Chick S2 EP 3 - Confronted

    Episode 3

    James frustrated with Kia, decides to hang out with his boys. His friends confront him about his behavior.

  • Side Chick S2 EP 4 - Self Control

    Episode 4

    Lynn invites Ethan over for the game night. Diamond and Victor are reminded of their celibate commitment to each other. Kia spends time with her sister, Aniya, seeking advice on her situation.

  • Side Chick S2 EP 5 - Re-Kindle The Flame

    Episode 5

    James and Kia spend time together after being so distant. Lynn and Ethan get closer. Diamond and Victor revisit their decision on their celibate journey.

  • Side Chick S2 EP 6 - Reality Check

    Episode 6

    Kia overwhelmed with the truth spends more time with Aniya to release stress. Diamond's past throws her completely off guard. James spends time with his boys and has a one on one with Andrew.

  • Side Chick S2 EP 7 - Trust

    Episode 7

    Kia and James have a huge argument about their relationship and the lack of trust. Diamond's trust and loyalty to Victor are questioned. Lynn and Ethan are challenged in their relationship when the truth is discovered.

  • Side Chick S2 EP 8 - Strike Two

    Episode 8

    Kia struggles with her thoughts of leaving James. Lynn and Ethan have a falling out that may end their relationship for good. Diamond and Victor have a mature conversation on how to make their relationship work. James' mess finally catches up to him.