Side Chick Series

Side Chick Series

2 Seasons

Side Chick is a drama that follows the emotional millennial roller coaster of Lynn's "Gabrielle Briana" affection towards James "Mike Merrill" who is engaged to an honest, caring woman named Kia "Chloe Stafford". Unlike some females, Lynn doesn't fit the role of "the other woman" but she is misled and deceived into dating James, who loves his fiancé but is also intrigued by Lynn. As their emotions grow fonder, conflict unfolds, morals are questioned and love is tainted. Ultimately, Lynn, James, and Kia are forced to examine what love truly means.

Side Chick Series
  • Side Chick S1 EP 1 - Confirmation

    Episode 1

    Lynn invites a man home with a complicated situation.

  • Side Chick S1 EP 2 - Judgement Day

    Episode 2

    Side Chick continues as Lynn discusses her newfound fling with her roommate and best friend, Diamond.

  • Side Chick S1 EP 3 - On to the Next

    Episode 3

    Lynn does her best to get over James and all other guys for that matter, by shopping with Diamond. Those plans change when she meets another interesting guy.

  • Side Chick S1 EP 4 - Don't Wait Up

    Episode 4

    After their shopping encounter during the last episode, James and Lynn plan a date. What Lynn doesn't know is that his fiancée, Kia, also planned a date with him that night.

  • Side Chick S1 EP 5 - Just Us

    Episode 5

    James tries to make up with Kia after missing dinner the night before.

  • Side Chick S1 EP 6 - What is Love?!

    Episode 6

    James tries to make up with Kia after missing dinner the night before.

  • Side Chick S1 EP 7 - Waiting

    Episode 7

    James' lies might finally catch up with him. Lynn re-evaluates her situation.

  • Side Chick S1 EP 8 - Powerless

    Episode 8

    Lynn continues coping with the truth while James continues hiding his secret from Kia. After discovering the truth, Lynn tries to move on from James and reaches out to Ethan, the guy from the video shoot. Later in the episode, James is put in an uncomfortable situation when he and Kia run into Ly...