Pump Series

Pump Series

Pump Series
  • Pump Series

    1 season

    A celebrity fitness training mogul suffers a mighty fall when his new line of products proves defective. With no money, clout, or prospects, he’s forced to crawl back to gentrified Inglewood to his former job as a trainer at PUMP gym. But to his surprise, everything and everyone has moved on with...

  • Pump EP 1 - Let’s Get It Started

    After losing his fitness empire, Sean struts back into his old gym in Inglewood CA and attempts to fall back in step with his coworkers including his former lover, Briana. But Sean’s team has moved on without him. Eric surprises his employees by announcing an unexpected change in leadership.

  • Pump EP 2 - Flexin

    Sean is settling into the gym when an old colleague from his past shows up. Briana has a difficult time managing her new responsibilities.

  • Pump EP 3 - Inspection Time

    The gym's future is threatened when a Surprise Inspection comes at a terrible time and all of the trainers are on their worst behavior. A mandatory team meeting shows that the new boss means business.

  • Pump EP 4 - What I Look Like

    Tamika attempts to manage all aspects of her job, life, and hair hustle from the front desk but her baby daddy makes matters worse. Maxwell’s breakup makes him want to pack up and Jared steps into dangerous territory when he pursues a gorgeous new married client.

  • Pump EP 5 - Whoosah

    Briana’s boyfriend Sherwood pays the gym a visit and Sean agrees to train but he has his own motive. Howard fears his doctor visit results may come to the company email. Cops visit the gym to investigate assault claims and Serenity’s anger issues have forced the team to intervene

  • Pump EP 6 - Let’s Cut to the Chase

    Sean’s agent, positions him for a deal and he must attend an exclusive party that could put him back on top. Jared’s married client makes a fatal mistake. Sean and Briana are both confronted with a major decision.