Loving Till It Hurts Series

Loving Till It Hurts Series

6 Episodes

A drama about a lonely, unhappy housewife Floret Regis (Shawntaria Franklin), who finds herself struggling to maintain the love for her husband.

Loving Till It Hurts Series
  • Loving Till It Hurts EP 1 - For Better or Worst

    Episode 1

    Floret continues to hold on to past memories of her husband's love, until she meets Omar, a past love interest, who can potentially be her prince charming.

  • Loving Till It Hurts EP 2 - The Risks

    Episode 2

    As Floret slowly finds herself, she takes risks to escape her reality, but is it enough to escape Frank's abusive ways.

  • Loving Till It Hurts EP 3 - Memory Lanes

    Episode 3

    While Frank is forced to revisit an old past, Omar is determined to win Floret’s heart, until he shares a secret, which could ruin his chances of building a relationship with her.

  • Loving Till It Hurts EP 4 - It's Not Going To Stop

    Episode 4

    Marsha is in desperate search to help Floret to leave Frank, but Frank is not giving up and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her hostage.

  • Loving Till It Hurts EP 5 - The Dungeon

    Episode 5

    Just when Floret thought things was getting better with Frank, a hidden mystery left her numb and speechless. Omar seeks help from his friend, Detective Hudson who is challenged to commit an act that may end in a life or death situation.

  • Loving Till It Hurts EP 6 - Look At Yourself

    Episode 6

    As Floret goes through her memory lanes, a revelation is revealed through her nightmares, which can potentially set her free.