Little David Series

  • Little David Series

    1 season

    Meet David, a Harlem-bred creative that can’t catch a break in the city that never sleeps. Follow him with his roommates in his peripheral through his career and dating life... well lack thereof.

  • Little David EP 1 - Mice & Birds

    David makes evening plans with Latisha. A girl he has been after for a while. But trouble awaits him as the gang discovers a mouse in the apartment.

  • Little David EP 2 - New Nudes, No New Friends

    Due to the quarantine there is not much privacy in the apartment as David is seeking some quality time with himself.

  • Little David EP 3 - Snowed In

    David lands a date on a dating app, one that surprises him and his roommates.

  • Little David EP 4 - The Apps

    The gang reflects on Davids's misadventures as he recaps his dating experiences.

  • Little David EP 5 - Little Man Syndrome

    Walk directly in David's shoes. Experience his disappointments, heartache, and a little laughter in the harsh realities going on in Harlem.