Howard High Series

Howard High Series

4 Episodes

Howard High School is on the verge of closing down because it has become the lowest-ranked school in the state. Needing someone to take the fall for the school's decline, Mr. Thomas reaches out to former honor role graduate Frank King (Brian White) to take over as principal. To Frank's surprise, there is major talent right under his nose within the Performing Arts Music program. After firing the music teacher, and the help of his friend and new Music teacher Michael Kirsh (Marques Houston) Frank and his team just may be able to save the school.

Howard High Series
  • Howard High EP 1.0 - A Long Way From Home.

    After getting into some trouble back home, and having to move in with her dad who she barely knows, Nicki Ross tries her best to fit into a new environment, while Frank King, who’s dealing with his pregnant wife and new move, tries to take control of this mess of a school he went to 25 years ago,...

  • Howard High EP 2.0 - The Competition.

    Episode 2

    When the new music teacher Michael Kirsh discovers Nicki’s golden voice, he feels she will be exactly what the school needs to win the Mayor’s annual competition and keep the school from closing down. There’s only one small problem, their test scores aren’t high enough to compete. Will they be ab...

  • Howard High EP 3.0 - Winner Winner.

    Episode 3

    Good news for Howard High has set in after the students are allowed to compete from raising the test scores. But all energy is sucked out of the school when one of the students is shot, with the competition only days away. Will the students be able to pull off this much needed victory for Lebron ...

  • Howard High - Behind the Scenes

    BTS of the entire cast and rehearsals