6 Episodes

After Alexus Bryant's relationship ends badly, like most millennial 20-somethings would do, she takes to social media, specifically YouTube, as a relationship coach to get over her ex-fiancé. Alexus dives heart first into relationship counseling. Counseling her followers with professional, empathetic, sistah-friend advice that comes from the good old common sense she wishes she had while with her ex-fiancé. Her friends are the real relationship gurus. With a true concern for Alexus' sexual well-being, they rally around her to help her heal from her pinned-up emotions and fears of being hurt again. They also offer their own dating lives to Alexus to draw expert advice from. Their dating lessons are like food to Alexus' followers' souls. Told through Alexus' point of view, a lot of the comedy is found in the camaraderie of the friendships of Alexus, Olivia, Brielle, Chris and Ryan as they come full frontal with the shit no one every wants to face up to about themselves as they seek love. They are a tight bunch, more family than friends.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 1 - Pilot

    Episode 1

    Alexus gives dating advice on her YouTube channel. The topic of Dating a friend's Ex and pressure from her friends Brielle and Olivia make Alexus consider her own dating life. over her ex.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 2 - Crossing the Color Line

    Episode 2

    Alexus realizes that she hasn't considered all of her options and contemplates if she should date outside of her race when Brielle invites her on a blind date with a white man.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 3 - His Best Friend is a Girl

    Episode 3

    Alexus is determined to prove to her friends that friends can be just friends after Olivia learns that her new boyfriend's friend is a woman.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 4 - #1.4

    Episode 4

    After a deep conversation about deal breakers, Brielle brings up a concern about Monty's belief in God. Olivia suggests going to church for answers. Later, Monty turns up the heat.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 5 - Dating with a Purpose

    Episode 5

    Ryan worries about his inability to reproduce and plans to have his semen tested and enlists Alexus to help. After a series of uneventful dates Olivia entertains a man 15 years her senior.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 6 - Beautiful, Sexy, and Successful but still Single?

    Episode 6

    Alexus and Olivia rally to cheer up Brielle. Chris challenges the ladies to step out of their comfort zone. Alexus and Ryan's friendship is tested.