Date.Love.Repeat Series

  • Date.Love.Repeat

    1 season

    After Alexus Bryant's relationship ends badly, like most millennial 20-somethings would do, she takes to social media, specifically YouTube, as a relationship coach to get over her ex-fiancé. Alexus dives heart first into relationship counseling. Counseling her followers with professional, empath...

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 1 - Pilot

    Alexus gives dating advice on her YouTube channel. The topic of Dating a friend's Ex and pressure from her friends Brielle and Olivia make Alexus consider her own dating life. over her ex.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 2 - Crossing the Color Line

    Alexus realizes that she hasn't considered all of her options and contemplates if she should date outside of her race when Brielle invites her on a blind date with a white man.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 3 - His Best Friend is a Girl

    Alexus is determined to prove to her friends that friends can be just friends after Olivia learns that her new boyfriend's friend is a woman.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 4 - #1.4

    After a deep conversation about deal breakers, Brielle brings up a concern about Monty's belief in God. Olivia suggests going to church for answers. Later, Monty turns up the heat.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 5 - Dating with a Purpose

    Ryan worries about his inability to reproduce and plans to have his semen tested and enlists Alexus to help. After a series of uneventful dates Olivia entertains a man 15 years her senior.

  • Date.Love.Repeat EP 6 - Beautiful, Sexy, and Successful but still Single?

    Alexus and Olivia rally to cheer up Brielle. Chris challenges the ladies to step out of their comfort zone. Alexus and Ryan's friendship is tested.