Dark Web Series

Dark Web Series

8 Episodes

A programmer's mysterious disappearance leads to the reunion of old friends and the discovery that the strange stories she left behind may hold clues to an impending technological crisis.

Dark Web Series
  • Dark Web Chapter One

    Episode 1

    Ethan is the first to receive an ominous e-mail from a long forgotten high-school friend, containing a disturbing story, along with a cry for help he cant ignore.

  • Dark Web Chapter Two

    Episode 2

    When Sam receives a strange story about a social media superstar, she is prompted to reach out to her ex-boyfriend, Ethan, for advice. Together, the two begin to realize that these strange, connected emails may have larger ramifications for more than just them.

  • Dark Web Chapter Three

    Episode 3

    James, another former classmate, is next to receive an e-mail story. Struggling to care for his ailing mother, he's hesitant to engage with Sam and Ethan's call to action. Later, the discovery of a key figure from Molly's past could shed light on her disappearance, if only they can find him.

  • Dark Web Chapter Four

    Episode 4

    As her old friends finally unite in Texas as the circumstances surrounding Molly's disappearance become more urgent. Zach Sullivan provides important perspective on her final days and a possible way forward, along with another story telling of a a black market organ purchased off the dark web whi...

  • Dark Web Chapter Five

    Episode 5

    A woman claiming to be Molly's girlfriend demands answers the friends don't have, leading to an uneasy truce. A new story describes two lost souls finding each other on an exclusive dating forum, but their first date could have grisly consequences.

  • Dark Web Chapter Six

    The group of friends find a video diary of Molly telling her own story. Months before she disappeared, Molly found herself searching for purpose: stifled by a lucrative, but unfulfilled, day job and a passion for writing she felt slipping away, she longed for something - anything - to reignite he...

  • Dark Web Chapter Seven

    Episode 7

    A college freshman longs for permanence in a world of ephemeral tweets and snaps, but soon regrets the lasting impression she's made on campus when social media rumors suggest she's contracted a horrific STD. As the news goes "viral," her symptoms worsen.

  • Dark Web Chapter Eight

    Episode 8

    In the past, Molly makes a choice that will change everything. In the present, the friends face an impossible decision.