Casting the Net Series

Casting the Net Series

6 Episodes

Three actresses – a single mom, a stripper, and a valet - take charge of their own careers when they get fed up with navigating the shark-infested waters of Hollywood.

Casting the Net Series
  • Casting the Net EP 1 - PILOT

    Episode 1

    Tired of struggling with their acting careers, three friends hatch a scheme to cast themselves in a phony movie to get on Hollywood’s radar. Unbeknownst to the other girls, Cassie enlists casting director Mabel Singer to help them with their plan.

  • Casting the Net EP 2 - THE MAGNIFICENT THREE

    Episode 2

    Hollywood takes an interest when they hear about the female driven, African-American, western the ladies are “producing” and starring in. To keep up the charade they meet with Archibald - an aging, eccentric writer to discuss the script.

  • Casting the Net EP 3 - RIO HARPO

    Episode 3

    Actor Willard Pugh, known for playing Harpo in The Color Purple, stops at nothing to get a part in the lady’s “movie.” A powerful Hollywood studio hears about the project and decides they must have it, but on their own terms.

  • Casting the Net EP 4 - A PURSE FULL OF DOLLARS

    Episode 4

    Sharice gets some good news when one of her regulars at the strip club offers to fund their movie, turning it from a fake movie to a real one. The ladies try to convince a popular director to get on board, but he proves to be a tough sell despite his love for the project.

  • Casting the Net EP 5 - THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE SEXY

    Episode 5

    The ladies have a tough decision to make when the studio offers to turn their little indie movie into a major studio film, but only if they agree to step aside as the leads. Hollywood is buzzing about the film, and even actor Eric Roberts vies for a role.

  • Casting the Net EP 6 - THE OUTLAW DEREK ABRAMS

    Episode 6

    Cassie’s ex-husband sets them up with training at a cowboy boot camp, but his generosity is masking his real motives. Mabel gets wind of what’s really going on and enlists Archibald, and Willard to help her put a stop to it.