Bubbly Brown Sugar Series

Bubbly Brown Sugar Series

9 Episodes

A story about twin flames like you have never seen before. Bubbly Brown Sugar tells the story of two soulmates meeting in their dreams and their parallel journeys to finding each other upon waking up. In Bubbly Brown Sugar, lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur Jewel Patterson has always had psychic dreams that often times came true as a child. When she accepts the proposal for marriage from her longtime sweetheart, Gabriel Hamilton, her psychic dreams come back with such intensity, it throws her life upside down. She can't help but wonder, is it possible she's connecting with a man she doesn’t know in real life?

Bubbly Brown Sugar Series
  • Bubbly Brown Sugar - EP 1 It Was All A Dream

    Episode 10

    Unknown to each other in real life, Bubbly Brown Sugar tells the story of two soulmates, Jewel and Caleb, meeting in their dreams. This is the beginning of their journey which starts off with our two lovers having a steamy rendezvous in their slumber and how they deal with it when they wake up.

  • Bubbly Brown Sugar - EP 2 Say What?

    Episode 11

    Jewel has a big day ahead of her – the kind of day that could be life-changing and her ride or die, Kwame is there to ensure all goes according to plan. Caleb talks more about the woman in his life.

  • Bubbly Brown Sugar - EP 3 Old & New Flames

    Episode 12

    After her big win, Jewel is surprised by her most recent love, Gabe. How does she receive him? Are they able to be just friends or is love still there? Kimmi goes home to her new bae and we get to see what that situation looks like behind closed door.

  • Bubbly Brown Sugar - EP 4 Home Sweet Home

    Episode 4

    Jewel goes to visit her family to see what’s going on with them while Kwame tags along. Caleb catches his boys up on what happened last night at his set.

  • Bubbly Brown Sugar - EP 5 Let’s Make Bacon

    Episode 5

    Jewel has a wild time on her internet talk show called the E-Late Night special, while her sister-in-law decides to put on a little show of her own.

  • Bubbly Brown Sugar - EP 6 The Tipping Point

    Episode 6

    Angela makes a confession. Jewel has it up to here with the stress of her family and takes it out on everyone, including Old Faithful.

  • Bubbly Brown Sugar - EP 7 We Gon’ Be Alright

    Episode 7

    Elise shares big news with the team while Josiah grows increasingly concerned about Caleb’s performance or lack thereof.

  • Bubbly Brown Sugar - EP 8 Tested

    Episode 8

    Jewel has her big pitch meeting and Josiah confronts Caleb about their business.

  • Bubbly Brown Sugar - EP 9 This Can’t Be Real

    Episode 9

    Jewel and Kimmi finally catch up after not seeing each other for some time and things are definitely not as Jewel imagined they would be with her bestie.